Coverlock Machines Gloria

Coverlock Machines Gloria - Special Offer price

Since its very foundation, Baby lock has steadily been working on interesting engineering innovations and has continuously been growing its product range. The new model Gloria marks a new milestone.
Apart from some well-known features from the successful baby lock coverlock machines, the new machine will impress you with the so-called RevolutionAirTM threading system. This fully automated jet-air threading system lets you thread not only the loopers but also the needle eyes easily with just a press of a button.
Theknee lift andthe speed regulationoffer unique comfort for complicated stitching projects. When the presser foot is in the raised position, the machine doesn’t startsewing for additional safety. The automatic thread deliverysystem makes operation even easier because the thread tension no longer has to be adjusted by hand.
Switching over from the cover stitch to the overlock stitch is already easy as it is. But the new machine now reduces the number of steps needed to change the needles even further. After taking the needles out of the needle clamp, the fastening screws don‘t have to be tightened by hand anymore.

Part : BLE TS8

Barcode : BAB014

£2876.00 each