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Original patchwork blocks from a master quilter! New Classic Patchwork is the sequel to Yoko Saitos Housewarming Patchwork and completes her collection of 156 patchwork designs. A renowned quilt artist, Yoko offers quilters a new cornucopia of original block designs in her signature taupe quilting style. In this collection, Yoko brings her matchless interpretation of folk-inspired blocks: stars, crosses, triangles, pinwheels, circles, and other geometric shapes. Though the blocks are small in scale, each template is gridded and can be easily increased to any size. You can use these blocks in your own creations or make one of the ten beautiful projects included in the book. These include Yokos signature bags, baskets, and pouches in her uniquely charming style, with all templates on an enclosed pattern sheet.78 original blocks from a master quilter10 projects, with a pattern insertGridded template for each block allows for enlargement of designs and perfect piecing no matter the size

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